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Calling on my past experience in problem analysis. Using the internet to access the expertise world wide. My options became clear.


My own research findings:


Before meeting with the consultant on 5th November 2003 I decided logically to investigate kidney cancer using major Cancer Research and University Web sites to sort out my treatment options.


Following the above meeting I was even more convinced that unless I located a viable treatment myself, I was going to be graded as too old to be given the medical attention I required.

After eliminating some treatments as not applicable the four most possible options:


Option 1: To live with the cancer

Option 2: Nephrectomy

Option 3: Radiotherapy

Option 4: Cryosurgery sometimes referred to as Cryotheropy


Each of the above options are reported on individually in the linked pages listed.


There are further options of cancer treatments such as hormone progesterone, Biological treatments and Chemotherapy which are specialized oncological treatments some of which could be used on kidney cancer and others which are not suitable. I have not included the latter in my findings.


Considering all the four options which are shown in detail and with extracts found on the Internet, the only procedure that minimizes the recovery period and also is the least painful is Cryosurgery. This is my preferred treatment.







            A biographical report of my Kidney Cancer Cryosurgical treatment.

By K Henley. Revised 10 February 2003