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At a second consultation with Mr Robinson on the 5th November 2003, he informed me that the cancer was located on the surface in the cortex of the left kidney and confirmed it was 2.3cm. He agreed with my choice of options for the treatment. He stated that Cryosurgery (cryotheropy) to remove the cancer was the least intrusive procedure and the most suited to my condition.


He had his reservations as to where I could obtain this treatment in the Uk and that he would make inquiries and contact me if he was successful. I stated that I would also search for a specialist who would perform this procedure for me.


Following this consultation I had a telephone conversation with a Jos Groeskamp of Oncura Medical Company, the suppliers of equipment for cryosurgery. He made contact on my behalf with Professor Dr de la Rosette of the Amsterdam Academic Medical Center. I talked with Professor Dr de la Rosette who agreed to see me.


My doctor gave me his blessing following a message I received from my consultant Mr Robinson stating that he would provide any aftercare including CT scans monitoring after my cryosurgery in Amsterdam.


AMC Amsterdam


Notes on the consultation at AMC Amsterdam 28th November 2003 with Professor Dr de la Rosette.

1. He confirmed after examining my CT scans that I had a cancer in the cortex of my left kidney.

2. He said that I should consider living with the cancer and making the most of the next few years, after all he said that the chances of dying at my age due to one of many other ailments has to be considered.

3. He stated that I could have a partial or full nephectomy to remove part or all of my left kidney could be done, and that my right kidney was perfectly healthy and would function satisfactory on its own.

4. He then said he would be willing to perform laparoscopic cryosurgery to remove the cancer. He did point out that he did not know the long term result of this procedure. That is why he would not recommend it for persons less than 75 years old. He also pointed out that if complications occurred during this procedure it could necessitate complete removal of the kidney.

5. He reminded me that I was over 80 years old, and that any operation would be hard to recover from. He said that the recovery period for the elderly is much longer than others, that is why his wards are full of older people. It is not that he operates on more elderly people, it is purely the recovery period. It does not make any difference how fit you are, it is purely an age thing.

6. He pointed out that the treatment would kill the existing cancer but it is possible that there may be multiple lesions present that cannot be detected now. A program of monitoring would be necessary for the future.

7. He then asked my reasons for subjecting myself to this operation. I said that I felt that with the cancer in my kidney, I feel as though I have a time bomb sitting there and every time I felt a pain in my kidney area I worried that it was spreading. He said "If that was the case he recommended that I should have the operation, once it is in the mind the only way to relieve the worry is to operate".

8. He then pointed out the expenses of having the operation at AMC estimating the cost at €20,000 plus without complications.This figure thankfully proved to be an over estimate. (The cost was closer to €12,000.)

9. Having agreed to proceed, he said that the procedure would be performed with a general anesthetic. The procedure requires blowing up my stomach before proceeding with the laparoscopy. I could expect to be in hospital for up to one week recovery period. He said that the four previous patients left in the hospital in three to four days.

10. He then said that he would arrange a date for the operation which will probably be early January 2004. A further visit to AMC was required for a consultation with an Anesthetist was arranged for 11th December 2003. This consultation went satisfactory.


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  A biographical report of my Kidney Cancer Cryosurgical treatment. By K Henley. Revised 10 February 2003