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Married to Mabel Kershaw.

         Clifford was the youngest son of Thomas Henley, he was born at 8 Plymouth Grove in Halifax in June 1896. He attended Pellon Lane school, after at the age of 13 he started working in a woollen mill. He trained to be a twister-in, this entailed twisting warp threads together the threads on a woven piece of material keeping the correct sequence of threads when woven in the loom.

          In 1916 at the age of 19 he joined the West Yorks Light Infantry as an infantry soldier. He was soon shipped to France where he fought on the Western front. He was awarded the Military Medal for Valour at Ypres in 1917. In 1918 he was gassed in a Mustard gas attack, he was sent back to Yorkshire and spent a long time in hospital with a collapsed lung. He was eventually released with only one lung and suffered from Asma and breathing problems for the rest of his life. Despite this he would never give up smoking his Woodbines.

          He married Ethel Crapper in 1922 and set up home at the Craggs in Mixenden, Kenneth was born in 1923. A separation took place in 1925 and Ethel moved to Dagenham in London where she met someone and started a family.

         Clifford moved into the home of the Kershaws in Vickerman street Halifax. A partnership was formed between Clifford and Mabel Kershaw and they set up home in a cottage in Norland where Jean was born in 1932. A year later the family moved to Moor End road Mixenden where Dennis and Jack were born, Robert was born in a Council House in the village of Mixenden where Clifford spent the last years of his life dying from a severe heart attack in 1961.

          He had a hard life being unemployed for long periods. He was a kind and generous man who kept his suffering to himself. He worked hard to provide for his family passing away only a few weeks after his retirement.

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